About Virtual Patient


The VP™ system offers an extensive list of practical, economical and technological advantages:


Cost Effectiveness

The VP™ system is extremely cost effective in comparison to other available learning / assessment solutions, like the commonly used OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) exam or Step 2 Clinical Skills (Step 2 CS) exam.


Unique User Interface

The VP™ system is based on a completely unique and innovative user interface, which enables the communication between the user and the system to be conducted in a conversational mode (simulated dialog), which emulates human language.


Objectivity & Reliability

The VP™ system is completely objective, as it doesn't include any human interaction with simulated patients. It is also highly reliable due to its modus operandi.



The VP™ system is an internet application and as such is available 24/7 at any location with internet access. This enables students and faculty to access the system at their convenience in order to use the system for practice/ maintenance.


Immediate Results

The VP™ system provides immediate results (grades) upon the exam's conclusion, including standard statistical analysis and specific statistical exam evaluation, such as Cronbach's alpha and Point Biserial Correlation Coefficient.



The VP™ system is fully multi-lingual, completely flexible and cross-discipline.

Online doctor

VP™ In Practice

The VP™ system is utilized at the Faculty of Medicine, Technion for the 4th consecutive year as a learning and evaluation tool. Over the last 3 years, VP™ was used for regular Internal Medicine exams in the faculty's computer facility, and compared to conventional OSCE exams conducted with actors.

VP™, evaluating in parallel the same students and exam-material, demonstrated equal performance and reliability, outperforming the traditional OSCE exam by its organizational simplicity, lack of human errors and immediate test results.

The Technology

The VP™ system is a powerful interactive application based on the client-server Web 2.0 technology. Its main technological advantages are: mobility, accessibility and ability to function in multiple environments. The only software tool needed to use the system is a web browser and internet access, present in every computer today.

The VP™ system is based on an extensive data base, which is of unlimited capacity and is able to support an extremely large number of patient's cases in any language.

The main objective of the system is to ensure optimal response time to the user, as well as being user friendly.

The unique human interface of the VP™ system, which enables the user to conduct a "human-like" conversation with the system, is based on advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms, which are based on the system's dictionary (Lexicon), keywords and the ability to recognize speech patterns.

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